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7 Key Finding Ideal Partner

7 Key Finding Ideal Partner
In the world of small business, there is often a common request: find the ideal business partner. This usually stems from the need to "remove" the role or job we do. Such as marketing, finance or sales.
I noticed when starting a business in which I feel desperate to find colleagues who control marketing and sales with better than me. I feel confident if I could let go of my shoulders and focus on becoming a great coach then my business will thrive! Yes .. four years later, I have never found it but my colleague found a way to grow the business.
I realize the value of partnership marketing.
Marketing Partners are other entrepreneurs who are willing to cross market your products and services to prospects and clients.
Not everyone is into "an ideal companion candidate." Sometimes you have to clarify with whom you want to play so you do not have too many choices. So I will share 7 keys to finding the ideal partner.
Mindset Partners. Does the person have the necessary criteria as a partner? Not everyone can. In fact, some people become poor because their colleagues are too independent or they do not like to play with other people. It is important to understand why someone pursuing these partnerships. Do they want a quick sale or they are eager to join you in business long term?
Value Alignment. By knowing the top three values, it can help you clarify what is needed for the long term. If a person's core values ​​are independence and the other is a collaboration, perhaps the approach taken to achieve the goal will be heavy. This is needed if you work together in completing the project.
Sharing the vision. Do you share a passion for the resulting output? Did you both see the same output? Or if someone wants to let go of their opportunities and others want to have cooperation in the long term. Have you ever met a married couple where one wanted the other child is not? Finally they parted. Sharing a vision for the resulting output is important to maintain harmony in relationships.
Compatible work styles. This is very important. Are you both dreamed of working with the long hours and hard to reach the goal?. Does the person have children who most need their attention? Are you both willing to do anything to get the job done?
Complementary strengths. If you both like the same thing and no one was willing to do other work, then you will be working to finish the job. Will you be delegated to another party?
Make sure you both have the qualifications to perform your role - or others that can cause stress and disappointment.
When you take the time to dig out your best interest to make the material a good cooperation, I encourage you to take the time to dig out if your business associates will be a "companion" is good. There's nothing worse than when in the midst of the project you realize do not like doing business with that person.
When you dig up the key on and ready to go, uncertainty to set a treaty (I suggest you have a contract). If you follow the steps in the method of goal that can not be unstoppable, you will realize that you have a strong foundation to create success together "intolerable."
Happy partnering!
Author: Melanie Benson Strick, Entrepreneur Success Coach, teaches entrepreneurs how to stop feeling overwhelmed so they can generate more income, freedom and good name is better.
Translated by: Iin - Team Pengusahamuslim.comArticle:

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Smile for Customers

Compare the following two faces: smile and frown. The reaction of people who see both these expressions will have different perceptions. People who are smiling off, have the power to make others feel happy and carefree. When someone sees someone else being sullen, usually tend to stay away. Although, there are also approached to find out why people were sullen.
Similarly, when you interact with others in business, a smile can perpetuate your transaction. Your friendly attitude that makes customers feel safe and comfortable spending the money for your product. It may be that your product actually is almost the same specs with your competitor's product. However, when you respond to customers by approaching the nature of his humanity, then the consumer will get satisfaction leads to loyalty.
A smile will also has a positive impact on your psychological. The smile was able to create excitement, create a cheerful atmosphere, helping to develop good wishes in business, inspiring, and strengthening relationships with other people. And, with a smile, you can set the feeling. So, you become more energized and enabled to serve customers better, or sell it effectively.
No home smiling, you know. You must do it with sincerity smile that comes from behind your heart. Jamil Azzaini an inspiration of success with Cubic book Leadership, offers tips sincere smile that is named with "Smiles 227". How, when he smiled, drag it to the top left corner of the lips throughout the two-centimeter, two centi-right corner of the lips, and developed over seven seconds duration . smile like this is called Jamil Azzaini with a sincere smile. And, no-nonsense smile like the smile of service excellent according to the SOP (Standard Oprational Procedure) alone.
Tjantana Jusman said one critical factor in many enterprise customer service turns out to be friendliness that radiates from behind the smiles of its employees. In terms of feeling, a smile is the most efficacious drug to overcome kekurangberuntungan heart and soul, even war. With a smile, can eliminate the sadness, down in the mouth, anxiety, and restlessness. When you find a lot of issues that twisted your mind, try to smile sincerely. So, for you can feel the load becomes lighter.
Activities smiled often performed by the Prophet shalallahu'alaihi wa sallam. Prophet's life is always adorned with a smile. The friend is a witness to a life full of smiles. Abdullah bin Al-Harith radliallahu'anhu said, which meant "Never did I see someone who lebuh many smiles than the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam." (Reported by al-Tirmidhi). In a history also mentioned, "I've never found one of the most widely smiling like shallahu Rasulullah 'alaihi wa sallam." (Reported by al-Tirmidhi).
The smile has many benefits in helping your service to consumers. Some of the benefits of a smile that is associated with the service, among others:
a. Smiling Makes You Being Seen More Interesting
With a smile to others will make you look more attractive. Because, neat and attractive appearance is one of the things that affect the success of a service. If you look bad and memorable carelessly, so consumers will not want to get in touch with you. A neat appearance is necessary. However, even though you look so attractive, if always put a long face then the services that you do not will never succeed. Therefore, in addition to a neat appearance, a smile is needed for you appear more attractive appearance.
b. Smiling Makes You Look More Successful
Prospective customers will feel more confident about the quality of the services you offer, if you look so confident and looking like someone who is successful. Apart from excellent performances, compelling style, and grammar is good, the smile was to be done to make someone seem more successful. Because successful performance memorable and convincing, usually increase consumer confidence to the services provided by the company.
c. Smiling Makes You Tend to Think Positively
If you smile, then the liver will also feel more comfortable and capable of accepting all the existing circumstances. In carrying out its service to consumers, sometimes you also receive unpleasant treatment. However, if we try to keep smiling and sincere and not continue to grumble, then it will help you to always think positively face the reality that exists. Next, you will be able to solve problems faced by consumers. Consumers will feel that the services provided by your company is very satisfactory.
d. Mood Change Someone Smile
In providing services, sometimes you experience something unpleasant from the consumer. Moreover, if the consumer is in a bad mood. A smile is an effective way to clarify the existing situation. Because, when you are not stuck with the mood of consumers are more bad and keep smiling at him, then it can clarify the existing situation and change the mood of consumers who initially bad for the better. So, he eventually will feel the satisfaction when utilizing the services of your company.
A smile is a symbol of optimism, sympathy, empathy, joy, positive thinking, friendship and more positive attitudes. There is no harm in it if you always make your lips to smile? In addition you will more easily interact with your customers, a smile can be the beginning of kerberhasilan your business. Smile. (Ilham / multiple sources)
Source: Muslim Entrepreneur Magazine May 2010 EditionArticles

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